Class: palava.RemotePeer

Defined in: coffee/
Inherits: palava.Peer


A remote participant in a room

Instance Method Summary

Inherited Method Summary

Methods inherited from palava.Peer

#hasAudio #isMuted #isReady #isLocal

Constructor Details

# (void) constructor(id, status, room)


  • id (String) ID of the participant
  • status (Object) Status object of the participant
  • room (palava.Room) Room the participant is in

Instance Method Details

# (MediaStream) getStream() Bound

Get the stream


  • (MediaStream) — Remote stream as defined by WebRTC

# (Boolean) hasAudio() Bound

Check whether the participant is sending audio


  • (Boolean) — true if the peer is sending audio

# (void) toggleMute() Bound

Toggle the mute state of the peer

# (void) sendAnswer() Bound

Sends the answer to create a peer connection

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