Class: palava.Session

Defined in: coffee/
Inherits: EventEmitter


Session is a wrapper around a concrete room, channel and userMedia

Instance Method Summary

Constructor Details

# (void) constructor(o)


  • o (Object) Options for the session

Options Hash: (o):

  • channel (palava.Channel) A channel Object which will be used for communication
  • web_socket_channel (WebSocket) A websocket from which a channel will be created
  • identity (palava.Identity) TODO
  • options (Object) TODO

Instance Method Details

# (void) init(o) Bound

Initializes the session


  • o (Object) See constructor for details

# (palava.Channel) getChannel() Bound

Get the channel of the session


  • (palava.Channel) — The channel of the session

# (UserMedia) getUserMedia() Bound

Get the UserMedia of the session


  • (UserMedia) — UserMedia of the session

# (palava.Room) getRoom() Bound

Get the room of the session


  • (palava.Room) — Room of the session

# (void) destroy() Bound

Destroys the session

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