Encrypted P2P
Video Conferences on the Web

Marius Melzer


Upcoming web standard

Enables p2p connections between browsers ...

... and video/audio streams on top

JavaScript API

User Media Access

<video id="gum-video" autoplay="autoplay">

    {video: true, audio: false},
    function(stream) {
      document.getElementById('gum-video').src =

P2P connection requirements

Initialization over signaling server

Exchange of streaming properties over SDP

NAT traversal via ICE (STUN server)

Interop problems & workarounds

palava software stack

completely free & open source

palava machine

our "tracker"

room & signaling server

palava client

webrtc wrapper library for video conferencing

palava portal

web plattform using the palava client

A running palava instance

Conferences with as many people as your bandwidth allows

No registration or login required

Provides open stun + signaling

Who is palava?

Non-profit organisation

13 members

How you can help us?

Hack on it!


Setting up the components

Basic usage of palava client library

You can use your own signaling & stun (2 ips!) or ours!

How can you help?



Money (appeal for funds in january)

Spreading the word!

Get in contact with palava


Newsletter ("Get updates")


Get in contact with me


Email & Jabber:

One more thing

Jan and me are working on a hosted
signaling service using the palava protocol